Naarajärvi wood heated sauna
Sauna heater and water heater
Dry sauna wood to relaxing bath

By lake Naarajärvi, about 6 km from Rantajärvi, there is a wood heated timbered sauna. Hot water is heated up in the sauna in a water heater. Right next to it, a barbecue hut and a cabin with a dining room.

It is the perfect place to retreat, relax and enjoy the surrounding nature, while embracing the hot steam and the lake water. The sauna has room for 10 people, the dining area 16 people with 2 tables and a view over the lake.

The sauna, dining cabin and barbecue hut are available for pre-booking.

Visit is suitable from age of 3 with adults.

The sauna, dining cabin and barbecue hut are heated reday upon guest arrival.

Autumn and winter includes lighting with candles and LED candlesticks.

Welcome to a relaxing bath !