The 4 bedroom cabin Baloo. Photo: Linnéa Isaksson
The 4 bedroom cabin Järven. Photo: Linnéa Isaksson
The 4 bedroom cabin loft bed. Photo: Linnea Isaksson
2 bedroom cabin Älgen. Photo: Linnea Isaksson
2 bedroom cabin Älgen with shower and a bathroom. Photo: Linnéa Isaksson
The Rolf cabin with a family room and doubble kitchens. Photo: Linnéa Isaksson
4 bedroom cabins with a porch.
The Rolf cabin with 16 beds.
The courtyard cabin Vuoti 80.
The family room in the courtyard cabin.
The courtyard cabin has 4-6 beds in each room.
The wood burning stove in the courtyard cabin kitchen.

In the middle of the village Rantajärvi there are 5 cabins with a total of 30 beds, design to be comfortable with an airy interior design. Woodens cabins with electrical heat situated in the safe and quiet Rantajärvi village.

All of the cabins have a shower, bathroom, comfortable beds, compact kitchens, double refrigerators, cookware, microwave, electric kettle, coffee maker, thermos, toaster, radio, flat screen tv’s, hair dryers and free wi-fi. Upon arrival, all beds will be made ready and there will be two towels available per person.

Included in the stay is access to the electrically heated sauna. The kitchen with dining room seats up to 80 guests, all meals must be pre-booked.

5 parking slots for caravans and motorhomes, electricity included. There is a common house that houses a sauna, shower, and 3 bathrooms.

Älgen, a 2 bedroom cabin. 16 with 2 beds size 80×200 cm. Dining area for two people and cutlery for 4 people. A well-equipped kitchen, shower, bathroom and free wi-fi.

Vuoti 80, the 4-6 bed 56 courtyard cabin has a double bed size 160×200 cm and a single bed size 80×200 cm in all bedrooms. A family room with a bed sofa size 80×200 cm. Two extra portable folding beds size 80×200 cm. A dining room table that seats 6 people and cutlery for 8 people. A well-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator and fridge, shower, bathroom and free wi-fi.

The Rolf cabin, 145, with 16 beds has 8 bedrooms with two beds in each room size 80×200 cm. A family room with a couch, armchairs and a dining room table for six, cutlery for 16 people. Two well-equipped compact kitchens, four refrigerators, two showers and bathrooms, and free wi-fi.