Ice fishing perch in winter

Experience ice fishing at the Arctic Circle

Ice fishing is a part of the Arctic lifestyle from January to April. Fishing in winter time is pretty special. You can do it on your own or with a group of friends. Daily fishing permit in the lake Naarajärvi.

For groups with 2-10 people, we can offer you a ice fishing package with a fishing guide, hot beverages, fishing equipment and a reindeer hide to sit on for 2 hours on the ice. Suitable from the age of 4 with adults.

The fisher bring warm winter clothes, winter shoes, winter gloves and a warm hat for icefishing.

Daily information about current fishing conditions is included.

The lake Rantajärvi and Naarajärvi are naturally habited by inland lake fish such as pike and perch. The lake Naarajärvi has pike, perch and trout.

If you can’t bring your own fishing equipment, you can rent a ice fishing rod, fish bait, ice drill and reindeer hide to sit on the ice, for an exciting day on the frozen lake.

Welcome to winter ice fishing !