Hunting season capercaillie and blackcock November 16th to February 15th

Winter hunting for the male bird blackcock and capercaillie from November 16th to Februari 15h on 6900 hectares of forest area. Topbird hunting is exciting hunting that includes tracking and stealthy hunting in a snow-covered forest landscape. Hunting season grouse August 25th to February 15th.

The hunt is single-handed by foot or on skis, only with the help of a map of the forest and a hunting permit.

We cooperate with local landowners within the hunting area.

We offer topbird hunting packages with a cabin stay, food, transport within the hunting area and the help of experienced hunting guides.

Our offer

  • Accommodation in cabins with full board alternatively self-catering
  • Help with obtaining a state hunting permit, if needed
  • Transport service to/from the closest airport
  • Welcome to your topbird hunting experience !