The cabin with the dining area in autum
The Naarajärvi camp, surrounded by wilderness.
The cabin by the forest.
The4 bed cabin by the lake.
Inside the wilderness cabins.
The dining area sits 16 guests.
The BBQ hut.
Lake Naarajärvi is perfect for icefishing during winter.
The nature sauna.

Rustic, simple and relaxing. Everything you need to stay comfortably in the midst of the wilderness, with some Northern Europes best fishing waters nearby.

If you are looking for a genuine nature experience, Naarajärvi is the place to go. The camp is situated 18 north of the Polar circle right next to lake Naarajärvi. In the middle of nowhere. With no electricity. Here you will find a wilderness camp built by traditional building techniques. You can hike here along the 6,2 km Naarajärvi trail from Rantajärvi or you can go by car.

The camp is made of two timbered cabins with four beds and a fireplace in each cabin. There is a BBQ hut in the middle of the camp with an open fire and a cast iron griddle for cooking. The timbered lake sauna with its turfed roof is equipped with a fireplace and a boiler. The bathing jetty by the lake is perfect for taking a refreshing swim after a hot sauna.

The camp is lit up by kerosene lanterns during autumn and winter. And during summer, there’s the 24-hour daylight also known as the Midnight sun.

The cabin with the dining area next to lake seats 16 guests. The kitchen has two portable gas stoves, a great set of cutlery and all you need in order to prepare a great meal in the middle of the wilderness.

A rowboat with an anchor and 4 lifevests is available for rental.

The lake Naarajärvi is excellent for recreational fishing with inland lake fish. Nearby there are hiking trails and in August to September, the forests are full of berries and mushrooms. The surrounding forest is also excellent hunting grounds for both big and small game.

To just enjoy the silence, experience nature close up, making your own dinner over an open fire before heading into a hot sauna – is just a slice of heaven. And a memory of a lifetime.